One day closer to my hero being home…

Do Not Walk in Front of Plane and Other Practical Advice

on September 4, 2011

Right before My Hero left, he took us to the Air Force Armament Museum at The Gymnast’s request. We had a great time! Some of the planes were just fascinating. The stories behind both the planes and their pilots were absolutely captivating, and they made me want to know more. Other stories made me want to cry.

Other planes, however…..

Made me laugh.

It reminded me of what Tim Hawkins said about his mother’s advice. “Good advice too late.” For example, shouting “Careful!” to a child who has already bonked their head..Chances are of you’re standing close enough to the plane to read this, you’re probably too close. And if you didn’t know that it’s not safe to stand in front of a propeller when a plane is getting ready to take off must be living under a rock.

What advice have you received that made you giggle because the “advice” is simply absurd??


4 responses to “Do Not Walk in Front of Plane and Other Practical Advice

  1. Cassandra Abeln says:

    “Watch for Falling Rock” is one of my favorite. Shouldn’t it be for fallen rock. There is no way I can drive on a curvy mountain road and watch the mountain above for falling rocks.

  2. kaquinlan says:

    Look at any commercial packaging today and there’s going to be some word of warning to the foolish! McDonald’s, Starbucks, and other coffee cups: “Caution: Contents may be hot.” Well they’d better be hot or I want my money back!

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