One day closer to my hero being home…

Thanks, Tropical Storm Lee!

on September 6, 2011

This morning, as I let The Idiot Brigade out, a crisp, cool breeze danced across my face.  The air was light and refreshing, an wonderful change from the oppressive heaviness it’s been as of late.  All the windows in the house are now open, and it feels delightful.  It’s the kind of morning My Hero loves.  I can just picture him out on our deck or the back porch, drinking his coffee while he does his Bible study…

It’s amazing how mighty Our Creator is.  Tropical Storm Lee was just a little storm, and the effects are significant!  The roads are littered with tree branches, fallen trash cans, and other debris.  The wind yesterday was so strong, the kids thought we were going to be blown off the road.  The water level is the biggest change.

Here is our beach normally.

Here it is now.

Gone.  No beach.  So sad.

So, now we’ve survived our first Florida storm.  Too bad My Hero had to miss it.  I think he would have enjoyed it mostly.  Plus he’d be here to fix my broken swing…


One response to “Thanks, Tropical Storm Lee!

  1. Glad you had no more damage than that! Those storms can be mighty. 🙂

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