One day closer to my hero being home…


on September 11, 2011

This seems like an appropriate day to post these.  The Gymnast and The Ballerina had an assignment for their Classical Conversations group to write a poem, following a certain model and structure.  As we remember what happened ten years ago today, let us take a minute and remember what it is we’re still fighting for.



Land of…

Shimmering, shining seashores

That sparkle in the sun.

The familiar fragrance of trees

From the exquisite, Hurculean forests.

The mysterious, misty mountains

That loom over the land.

Rushing, roaring rivers

Water cold and refreshing.

Perfectly peaceful plains

With prairie dogs popping up here and there.


America, Land of…

Proud and praiseworthy men

Who fought for our freedom.

Amazing admirable women

So resourceful and wise.

America my home.

The Ballerina, 2011-2012


Land of…

The windy wavy seashores with sand

as white as snow.

The tall towering forest

Majestic magnificent mountains

The fast fun rivers that have very fishy water

The perfect peaceful plains.

America, land of…

The lively loving people who fight for freedom.

Amazing awesome people who love our country.

“The Free and the Brave.”

“God Bless America,

My Home Sweet Home.”

The Gymnast, 2011-2012


One response to “America

  1. Those are lovely. You should be proud. 🙂

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