One day closer to my hero being home…

I am His Beauty

on September 15, 2011

We received notes from My Hero. It made our day around here. You’d think we’d won the lottery! Even better, we received three beautiful, wonderful cards from My Hero (God bless the people who made and sent them! What a great idea).

My Hero told The Gymnast and The Ballerina how proud he is of them, how much he misses them, and how much he’s looking forward to seeing them again. Very sweet.

Mine, however, was better. He called me His Beauty.

My Hero explained that every man dreams of adventure, every man still has that little boy in him that wants to fight the dragon. Boys like fairytales just as much as girls, I guess. Then he told me that in every man’s Fairytale, there is a beauty to be won. A woman so captivating and lovely, she is worth dying for. A woman that makes a man abandon his fears and inhibitions to pursue the fight for His Beauty.

I am His Beauty.


2 responses to “I am His Beauty

  1. kaquinlan says:

    So sweet!

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