One day closer to my hero being home…


on September 17, 2011

(imagine me singing this in my best Fiddler on the Roof voice)

Usually when you think of a traditions, you think of fun things, like how your family sets up the Christmas Tree, or how you always watch the Fourth of July parade at your grandparents, or other warm-fuzzy stuff.  We have those.  We have our Daddy Bear tradition, where My Hero makes a Build-a -Bear with a recorded message from him inside so the kids can listen to it.  We have our (new) hiding Cuzi tradition.  We have our Hershey Kiss tradition (my personal favorite).  Then we have one tradition I would really like to discontinue.

I call it the Car-Accident-While-Daddy’s-Gone-in-the-Fall tradition.  Not my favorite. And, for the record, none of them have been my fault.  Really.

The first of three accidents took place right before My Hero left for OTS.  My wonderful father-in-law was driving (see? I told you it wasn’t my fault), and we were stopped at a red light.  The driver of the minivan two cars back didn’t notice the red light, and they slammed into the SUV behind us, which slammed into our piddly little sedan, which slammed into the SUV (or van… I don’t remember) in front of us.  It hurt.  After My Hero left for training, I ended up in the hospital because my leg kept getting a tingling sensation, and they couldn’t get the pain under control.

Accident #2 happened while My Hero was in Alabama again!! We were on our way to see the man of my dreams, when the cars on the highway slowed down suddenly in front of me, so I slowed down as well.  The van behind me didn’t.  My little Mazda 3 had over $8000 of damage.  I had more.  One of my vertebrae was broken off at the tip.  I still have pain from that, but it is (was?) better.

Accident #3 took place yesterday.  We were stopped at a busy intersection waiting for a break in traffic, and a teenage boy slammed into us.

Thankfully, this one was not quite as detrimental as the other two.  I don’t think it will take much to repair the car.  I don’t ache all over, although I have been conscious of a dull pain in both my neck and head steadily getting stronger all day.  Neither of the kids was really hurt, although The Ballerina did have a headache.  I will be going to the on Monday, unless the pain gets too bad tonight.  Fortunately, because I deal with chronic pain, I have some medicine that will help a little.

So, that’s my tradition I no longer want.  What should I replace it with???


One response to “Traditions!!!

  1. kaquinlan says:

    Somehow I missed this post. I’m really sorry to hear about this tradition and will pray for you guys right now!

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