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Love Letters – An Art Not Forgotten

I admit it.  I am a terrible blogger.  Mostly because during this adoption/fostering process, I am not sure how much I should share publicly.  Suffice it to say, it’s been an amazing experience so far.  The kids and I have learned so much, and we’ve truly fallen in love with our little man.

But I didn’t come here to talk about that.  Not today, anyway.  Today, I want to talk about My Hero.  He is truly the most amazing man in the whole world.  Even from across the world, he manages to sweep me off my feet.

My evening didn’t start off so well.  My mother-in-law gave me some beautiful Irish crystal wine goblets for Christmas.  I loved them.  Because our new house has such a smaller kitchen, I had to buy a china hutch.  Well, today, one of the shelves in it shattered.  And with it, so did my beautiful wine goblets.


Fortunately, I had something wonderful to look forward to.

I asked My Hero for a love letter.  He promised to oblige.  Around the first of the year, I received a package.  He asked me not to open it until I received his letter.  I didn’t open it right away.  I wanted to wait until I had the house to put together.  I haven’t gotten that far, but tonight was the night for a love letter.

This is what I got.


My Hero sent me four prints of four different paintings.  Each painting represented an aspect of our relationship.  Each one had a little blurb with it, explaining why he chose it.


“Doubtless you have seen this image many times.  It reminds me of what must come before all else.  I only hope that in your relationship with Christ, I have brought you a fraction of the good you have brought me.”

This one is my favorite:


“This painting is also called A Lady’s Favor and I much prefer that title.  To me it is the image of a man going to do what God, duty, and his own manhood demand of him, but what would yet be impossible without what his Lady is promising and giving before his departure.  It is equally an image of the Lady, however.  She, knowing that so strong is his love for her that it struggles in contest with his other duties, encourages him, gives him Favor, and fills him with such love and pride that though he cannot bear to leave her, he can less bear to fail her.  He will ride away filled with fierce desire to earn her pride and affection, and to return home when his task is done.”


“No one could love with as much devotion and intensity as you, and I see echoes of that here.  Perhaps the dancers are not actually alone, but they may as well be.  There is no one else in their world.  They are enthralled with one another and their dance.  Notice, however, that you can see fewer of her distinguished features.  Though she is so familiar to him she will forever remain mysterious, exciting, alluring and enveloping.  He wants her to feel the same burning, intense heat.  As for what she is feeling, that is for another to say.”


“This image says much more than it appears to, I think.  There is an undeniable sensuality to it.  Each figure is expressing desire, passion, endearment, and an all-encompassing need to express love to the other.  There is giving and receiving here, no taking.  They are fulfilled by one another, intoxicating by each other.  Each person exudes both tenderness and ferocity as they pour themselves out for their lover.”

My Hero included a final note.  One that asked me to pick two to frame to put up where I would be reminded of his gift.  I will, of course, be framing all four.

I don’t think that I have ever felt so loved and cherished in my whole marriage.

Any great romantic responses would be appreciated.

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