One day closer to my hero being home…

Our Long Journey

Two years ago, somebody I worked with at the gym asked me to consider adopting.  She is a social worker who works with foster kids, and she had two siblings that they were having trouble placing.  She told me that every time she thought of them, she thought of me.  I told My Hero, and we prayed about it.  We both felt that that this was a very clear calling from God, and that we needed to obey.  We told her yes.  Ultimately, we were turned down for these two for various reasons, but we still felt like God was calling us to adoption.

We decided that since we were called to it through the foster system, that would be the way we would pursue it.  We began our foster/adoption training about six months after we were approached.  During that class, we made some wonderful friends with another family that homeschools.  In fact, the wife ended up being the kids’ tutor for our Classical Conversations group!  Unfortunately, before that class ended, My Hero deployed and we were not able to finish at that time.

Once he was home, we spent a good amount of time just readjusting.  After a couple months, we finally felt ready to jump back in.  The day after I signed us up for the class (again), a friend called us and asked if we wanted to buy their suburban for a very reasonable price.  It felt like God was confirming our decision!

We finally finished the class at the beginning of summer.  Mid July, we received a phone call.  Our home study was finished! The next day, My Hero came home and told me he was deploying.  For a whole year.  We were devastated.  I told the adoption worker, who said we would have to wait.  After much prayer, My Hero and I decided that we still felt we were called to do this NOW.  Not in a year.  We wrote some letters, and talked to the adoption worker again, this time with success.  Our names were back in the pool for receiving placements.

About two weeks after My Hero left, we received That Call.  We had been selected.

We have been spending time with the most darling 16 month old boy you could imagine.  The Ballerina and The Gymnast are head over heels for him.  He is wonderfully precious, and fits right in with our family.  God’s hand in bringing this about couldn’t be more clear.  We are blessed beyond measure.