One day closer to my hero being home…

12 Years Ago Today…

The man of my dreams asked me to marry him. Not a day goes by that I don’t marvel at the fact that I am his bride.

It was a Sunday afternoon that started like any other. We went to church that morning, then went to his dorm room so he could study. He had told me he wanted to knock it out quickly so we could go on the famous 17 Mile Drive. I just knew he planned on proposing. I was very impatient.

Then, the phone call came. It was about our good friend who had just broken up with his fiancé. Apparently he really needed somebody to talk to, and My Hero was the only person that would do. This is what I was told, anyway. The part of the conversation I heard was this:

“Hello? Really? That bad, huh? Okay, I’ll be over in a few minutes.”

I have been told the part I didn’t hear went like this:

“I’m supposed to call you. I don’t really know why… Huh? Okay. I’m hanging up now…”

Feeling rather generous, I “allowed” My Hero to go, knowing that soon enough, we would go on our date.

Then he called me. He told me our friend was really struggling, and felt the need to go to the beach and stew for a while.

At this point I was no longer feeling generous. Pouting, I reminded him that we had our own plans. He quickly reassured me that he had not forgotten, and implored me to come pick him up from the beach in about half an hour, and we would be on our way. I asked him how I would find him, and he gave me a general location, flippantly telling me to “just look for our friend’s car.”

I was not feeling very charitable or Christlike at that moment. So the half hour stretched closer to 45 minutes before I went on the hunt for our friend’s car. I was feeling fairly hopeless about ever finding it during daylight hours when I saw it. There was our friend’s car with a huge bouquet of daisies on the windshield, and a sign with my name.

I drove past and looped back around, parking behind the car. As I pulled up, I saw My Hero sitting in a gazebo that overlooked the water. I began to walk toward him excitedly, but he motioned for me to go back. That’s when I saw the rest of the sign. It said, “Kay, pick up all your presents, you messy little thing.” laughing, I grabbed the bouquet off of the windshield and turned to the path.

The whole path was strewn with daisies! Giggling and feeling a bit conspicuous, I scooped up the flowers as I hurried toward My Hero. A couple walking their dog passed by, and the man pointed out a flower I missed. By the time I reached My Hero, I am not sure I could have held one more flower.

I set the flowers down on a bench in the gazebo and ran up to give My Hero a kiss. That’s when I saw a single red rose lying next to a ring box.

“You have one more present,” My Hero told me with that charming grin of his.

I picked up the box and turned it over. It was empty. “It’s a box,” I said,very astutely.

“I know,” he answered tenderly. “And the thing that goes in the box is right here.”. He pulled the delicate ring out of his pocket. Then he spoke the words that I have cherished for the last twelve years.

“I’ve prayed for you and about you, and I’ve prayed that you would be mine. And I’d really like it if you would be my wife.”

I know that he still prays for me and about me. And I am so thankful that I am his. I will, until the day I die, be the wife of my Airman, My Hero.

I received these today. He hasn’t forgotten that day either.


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