One day closer to my hero being home…

One Day Closer to a REAL Hug and Kiss.

Meet Cuzi.

Cuzi is a gift from Military One Source.  He has a very special job.  His job is to help kids get through deployments.  He very good at it.  He’s soft and squishy, perfect to snuggle when we’re having a Daddy Crisis. During the day, he watches us from his place on the mantle.

But Cuzi has another job.  It’s way more fun.

This is our hugs and kisses bowl.

HANDS OFF!!! This bowl’s not for sharing.

Every day, the kids and I get one hug or kiss out of this bowl.  There is one for each of us for every day that my hero will be gone.  Right now, it’s VERY full.  We have a long way to go.  Every day, I put two hugs or kisses behind Cuzi’s goggles.

Then, Cuzi finds a place to hide.  He’s hidden in the kitchen…

In a drawer in the living room…

And under the couch in the school room.

Tomorrow, the kids will find him in the wine rack in the game room.

Hiding Cuzi is a ton of fun, but I am longing for the day that he can retire.  I miss the feel of my hero’s freshly shaven cheek.  I miss the way he smells.  I miss the warmth and strength of his arms when he holds me close.

I miss the looks on my kids’ faces when he holds them.  There is complete trust and peace there.  They know that they are safe in their Daddy’s arms.  I know they miss the feel of that protection.  I see it in their faces every time I tuck them in.  I hear the longing in their voices when they ask me if they’ll get to talk to Daddy today.  I feel the desire for their Daddy’s embrace every time I hold them when they come to me missing him.  My heart breaks for them when they cry out for him.

And I remind them that we are one day closer.


We’re One Day Closer Wrestling With Dad

I think the thing my kids miss most is having somebody to wrestle with.


Somebody they can climb on, jump on, and tackle, but still stay standing.

Wrestling with Daddy seems symbolic, in a way.

No matter how hard they fight….

He always wins.

Funny how much a thing like wrestling Daddy can mean so much.  Everybody knows a Daddy’s arms are the strongest, safest place to be.

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